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Improve Your Mobility at Home

Your journey to restored health and wellness doesn’t stop when you leave our office—it’s a lifestyle that requires effort at home, too. 

Therapeutic exercise and stretching help build strength and improve your body’s function. With specifically targeted movements, exercise can address the pain or hindered movement that you’re experiencing. 

Our dedicated team strives to support your mobility, whether in our office or the comfort of your own home. Ask us about our therapeutic exercises—we’d be happy to help you create an effective exercise plan.

What Is Therapeutic Exercise?

Therapeutic exercise incorporates predetermined movements to ease tightness in the body, restore mobility, and maintain your well-being. With the appropriate exercises, you can boost your flexibility and strength while reducing pain. 

Each patient may require different exercises to improve their body’s performance. We can suggest therapeutic exercises as a supplement to your chiropractic sessions, and we’ll start with what you can physically accomplish based on your physical limitations. As you progress in your rehabilitation, we may introduce you to more advanced exercises. 

Types of Therapeutic Exercises 

Types of therapeutic exercises may include: 

Progressive resistance exercises to improve fitness level

Get Back to Doing What You Love

We can help you get active safely instead of sitting on the sidelines by providing therapeutic exercises in conjunction with chiropractic sessions in the office. Reach out to discuss therapeutic exercises or to book an appointment.

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