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Care for Your Child’s Spinal Health

Chiropractic care helps patients of all ages, including children. From a young age, spinal health plays a significant role in proper development and growth. Additionally, many aches that emerge later in life can start at an early age. 

Bringing your child in for pediatric chiropractic can help prevent long-term spinal problems. With a healthy spine, your child is less likely to sustain injuries from sports, running, or on the playground. With our care, your child can get on track to living a healthy, happy life.

How Does Pediatric Chiropractic Help?

Our approach to caring for your child exists only with compassion and the goal of leading them to live a life with mobility and proper function. Using gentle adjustments, we identify any issues and formulate a personalized treatment plan as needed.

Our treatments can help with several problems, including: 

Our doctors are certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), a comprehensive course dedicated to pediatric chiropractic care and pregnant patients. We provide adjusting techniques, evaluation, and assessment for all stages of life, including pregnancy, birth, infancy, and childhood.

Care & Comfort First

Chiropractic adjustments can seem scary for anyone, especially a young patient who has never seen a chiropractic center. But rest assured, our trained and compassionate team strives to create a comfortable environment for all patients. Reach out to us to learn more about pediatric chiropractic or to book an appointment.

Our Location

You can find our practice in the West Davis Center on West Davis Street, across the street from Conroe High School.

Our Address

  • 3303 West Davis St.
  • Conroe, TX 77304

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