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Restore Your Natural Mobility

The Cox Technic is a treatment for spinal pain relief that uses flexion-distraction and spinal decompression. With gentle and controlled spinal manipulation, we can alleviate your discomfort over several sessions. Our chiropractors are certified to use the Cox Technic.

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An Alternative to Spinal Surgery

Certain back pain issues can be alleviated with spinal manipulation—you don’t always need to go the surgical route to find relief. If your back pain is caused by a pinched nerve or disc misalignment, we may be able to treat you with the Cox Technic, a welcome alternative to spinal surgery. 

Our approach to helping you restore your body’s function may require patience and diligence. Still, the benefits of regular visits for spinal decompression and flexion-distraction include less back pain without requiring surgery.

We understand that your back pain can hinder your lifestyle, and we want to find the most suitable and gentle solution for you to get back to your hobbies. Book an appointment to learn more about the Cox Technic and how it may be your noninvasive option for spinal care.

How Does the Cox Technic Help?

To effectively perform the Cox Technic to restore your spinal health, we use a specialized table to aid the adjustments. We can help soothe discomfort related to several issues, such as: 

We can help restore mobility and function through flexion-distraction and spinal decompression, allowing you to return to doing what you love without pain and discomfort. Our treatments are gentle, with no sudden movements or noise. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with at least 50% pain relief within 30 days of treatment.

What Is Flexion-Distraction?

Flexion-distraction uses controlled spinal manipulations to stretch and decompress the spine. Our doctors complete gentle adjustments on a specialized table to relieve pressure and restore function. With 91% of patients feeling satisfied with flexion-distraction, it can help you by:

  • Lowering spinal pressure
  • Widening the spinal canal
  • Returning motion to the spinal joints

Spinal decompression is a noninvasive way to stretch your spine gently and adjust its positioning. This decompression relieves pressure on the spinal discs. With time, this treatment may help herniated or bulging discs retract.

Find Relief from Discomfort

Are you interested in learning more about the Cox Technic? Our team will gladly discuss the process with you—give us a call. Remember, we’re here to help you get off of the sidelines and into the game.

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