Patient Testimonials

The staff and the doctor at this clinic are awesome. I had back pain so bad, I could hardly walk in the clinic. After a few treatments, I was able to get back to my job, and I am on my feet all day. I have to say this is the best place I’ve been and I had seen other doctors for my back pain before.

Jenni W

Dr. Rodgers has gone above and beyond any doctor I have ever been in contact with. What started out as severe back pain, ended up being something totally different, which she knew from day one. She didn’t try to treat me with medications, steroid injections, or any other form of drugs. Instead she referred me to Dr.’s and specialists for the proper care that I needed. With her guidance and care she has kept me going every day. My journey as I call it is not over, but I know in my heart it will get easier and that she will be beside me through it all because she CARES!

Melania H.

I began feeling better immediately. When the pain in my right knee began getting worse, Dr. Rodgers referred me to Dr. Cannon, an orthopedist. I have also seen her go so far as to call another doctor on behalf of a patient. I think the fact that I have come for over 9 years speaks to the importance of chiropractic care. Dr. Rodgers has treated me for more than one car accident and after knee replacement surgery.

Beth C.

After a couple of treatments I noticed a big change in my pain level. The changes made a big difference in what I was able to do. My hand became more usable after a few treatments.

Betty D.

Everyone was very nice to me. All the staff took the time to help me understand what was happening to me. The adjustments were instant relief. They did not hurt. I am not sure who had originally told me about Dr. Rodgers, but I came back because of the experience I ad before three years ago.

Tanaha O.

I was very impressed with the doctor and staff at how nice and concerned everyone was.

Terry B.

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